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Our Mission

  Sonfish Outdoor Adventure program is a nonprofit 501 C (3) that provides marine-related adventures for families living with disabilities. We host and provide adventures that will benefit the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the individual with special needs as well as provide disability awareness to the non-disabled volunteers.

  Having a child with a disability changes the typical expectations that a family has for their child. When a child is born, parents expect to see growth and development, as well as anticipated social interactions. Making plans for the future becomes more complex as the child grows older. Many families struggle with the limited opportunities available  for their child.

  Sonfish provides activities allowing families living with disabilities to enjoy what any typical developing child may experience. A disability does not only affect the child, but also the family. We involve all family members in  our activities. Not only do they acquire an expanded view of what their child can accomplish, they also learn from the camaraderie with fellow parents.

Here are some of the activities Sonfish provides for the families.

  • Dolphin Swim: Dolphin therapy brings children with special needs and their families joy and the discovery of new abilities. Parents and participants reclaim hope, shed stress and find inspiration through activities centered on dolphin human therapy. 
  • Fishing with Buddies at Stilts Ville on Biscayne Bay:  A buddy is assigned to each family. Friendships develop as the volunteers and family get to know one another.
  • Adaptive Sailing at Shake A Leg: Through involvement in outdoor activities, the participants gain, increased self-confidence and social skills.

 Here are some of the  benefits of being in or around water.

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Pass It Forward


At Sonfish Outdoor Adventure Program we believe in giving back. This March, Sonfish Outdoor Adventure Program will be traveling to the island of St. Kitts. We will be hosting a dolphin swim for children  under the spectrum from the  St. Kitts Centre for Autism. Each child will receive a backpack with sensory toys.

Give the gift that makes a difference. Consider giving to Project Blue Island. You can give on the website or send me an email for more information.


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Sonfish Parents Share About Their Special Day.

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About Us

We are a 501 C (3) not for profit organization


We love our Sonfish families. During our events we provide information about community resources that will benefit the family.

We consider/schedule and plan outdoor activities up and down the coast of Florida


Sonfish has traveled  from 

Palm Beach

to the beautiful Florida Keys.

Have a child with a disability in your town?

Let us know. (

Our next activity might be nearby (or We may come to YOUR neighborhood next)

Some of our activities include therapeutic dolphin swims, adaptive sailing, intracoastal dinner cruises and much more.


Our adventures work on fine motor, gross motor, social and emotional skills.

About Us


Lourdes Zarro CEO

Lourdes Zarro  is the CEO  of Sonfish Outdoor Adventure Program and L.Z. Special Needs Parent Life Coach . As a Certified Autism Specialist (Certification#CAS182588).  and life coach I have had the privilege of helping thousands of families meet the needs of their children. Having begun my career in 1989, I have thirty years of experience helping families navigate the challenges associated with Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Varying Exceptionalities.

Having navigated the unique challenges of parenting a child with a special needs  I have experienced the joy and pain  that many families face. It is my professional goal to provide you with an adventure that will stretch your child's abilities and fulfill their emotional and social needs. 

 As a special needs parent life coach It is my professional goal to provide you with guidance and opportunities that will help you balance work/life and reduce the worry and stress that can come from parenting a child with special needs.  I currently work on skill-building sessions through phone or internet-only appointments completed via Skype video conferencing.


Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin Human Therapy brings smiles to everyone!


We celebrate each baby step that a child takes, each milestone that they reach. We celebrate our families and provide an adaptive adventure that the entire family can enjoy.